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Our in-house production and customization department has long been a key to Wayne Enterprises’ success. To ensure we meet corporate branding guidelines, we feel it is essential that we offer our customers customization of their garments. The only way to truly accomplish this and maintain a high level of quality for our customers is for that service to be in-house. This is why we not only have the equipment and machinery to do the customization ourselves, but why we also have the graphics personnel to work with our customers’ logos for both print and embroidery. With these graphics abilities in-house, we have the ability to instantly change logos and text, as well as modify any logo, to provide the best quality of embroidery on any type of garment.

With over 100 heads of computerized embroidery machinery and our individual sewing machines, we can provide a wide array of garment customizations. This includes embroidered logos, patches, hemming and custom reflective tape configurations. We also offer fire resistant embroidery and patch options as well.

Quality within our production department is also extremely important to us. As opposed to many industry standards of spot checking items, we verify every piece of product that goes through our production department to ensure that only the highest quality products are going to our customers.

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